schaerer® Operating Tables

Schaerer Medical and Melyd Surgical (formerly Melyd Medical) have been partners in the UK operating table market since 1995. With Schaerer producing operating tables since 1912, we both represent quality, longevity and customer service.

Continuous development is one of Schaerer’s key qualities, always pursuing the best in design, build and price structure.

schaerer® axis range

The schaerer® axis 400 to 800 model range has been the most successful product line in over 100 years of Schaerer Medical’s history. Many thousands of tables are in use all over the world.
The table itself is based on a unique eccentric column design giving exceptional imaging capabilities. Suitable for all surgeries and excelling in many.

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schaerer® arcus range

The schaerer® arcus 500 to 700 model range is the latest in a long line of operating tables, stretching back to 1912. Along with the exceptional imaging capabilities associated with the eccentric column design, the arcus has an ultra low minimum height of 595 mm and a maximum patient weight capacity of 500 kg.

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