About Us

Melyd Surgical Ltd is an independently owned, specialised operating theatre equipment supplier for the UK. We are based in modern offices with warehouse facilities just outside the beautiful city of Chester, midway between the major population centres. With easy access to major road networks we are able to provide high quality service to the whole country.

Here at Melyd our focus and expertise is on one key area – Patient Positioning. We are committed to improving patient outcomes and care giver safety, whilst improving our customers’ efficiency.

Correct positioning is vital for both patients and care givers alike.

The Patient
Patient under anaesthetic are at risk from more than just the surgery. Incorrect positioning has been documented to cause injury, nerve damage and pressure ulcers. Our products are designed to ensure patient safety and improve clinical outcomes.

The Clinical Staff
We focus on safe lifting and handling of both patients and equipment, ease of use and reduced set-up times.

The Surgeon
Our products are designed to ensure unhindered surgical site access, often within the sterile field. They also ensure a safe and comfortable working position for the surgeon.

The Hospital
We recognise the financial constraints of the hospital. We therefore offer value for money competitively priced, high quality products.

As exclusive UK Distributor for Schaerer Medical we work closely with our business partner to provide the latest technology in positioning equipment that meets the needs of patients and their care givers.

Other areas we excel are
User training
Equipment service and repair
Equipment hire

Please contact us for details.