schaerer® arcus range

Maximum Quality – Swiss design, Swiss quality, arcus is built to last, utilising the latest technology and providing a cost-effective solution to all surgical positioning requirements.

Maximum Height Adjustment – With a minimum height of just 595 mm up to a maximum of 1200 mm, arcus provides the ideal working height for all surgery.

Maximum Flexibility – The modular design and wide range of accessories can guarantee maximum flexibility to fulfil all individual needs.

Maximum Safety – Only Schaerer operating tables have two independent motor pump systems that can be powered by batteries for several operating days.

Schaerer® arcus Peak performance
schaerer® arcus
Mobile universal operating tables for peak performance and maximum load


Schaerer® arcus 501
schaerer® arcus 501
The universal operating table for all surgical disciplines, removable, two-part seat plate bars for fitting orthopaedic accessories in the standard position. Universal for all accessories, including extension devices and the schaerer® MIS-Extension. The following operating table movements are all electro-hydraulically powered:
Height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, table top break and table locking.
The head plate, split leg plates and one-piece leg plate are all manually adjustable by means of gas springs.
X-ray transparency 1240 mm.
Schaerer® arcus 601
schaerer® arcus 601
The fully powered table top, all operating table movements are the same as the arcus 501 model but with additional powered leg section.
Ideal for gynaecology, urology, neurosurgery and ENT surgery.
X-ray transparency 1240 mm.
Schaerer® arcus 701
schaerer® arcus 701
The basic model for orthopaedics and traumatology. Table top consisting of head and back plate and one electro hydraulic powered table top axis.


Schaerer® arcus weight capacity
Patient weight up to 500 kilos
Schaerer® arcus maximum height
Maximum height of 1200 mm
Schaerer® arcus minimum height
Minimum height of 595 mm
Schaerer® axis 500
Dual control system


image of a standard position
Standard position
Maximum free space for C-arm utilisation in the standard position.
• General surgery
• Orthopaedic surgery
• Cardiac surgery
• Vascular surgery
• Imaging
image of a standard position
Reverse position
Maximum free space for C-arm utilisation in the reverse position.
• General surgery
• Imaging
• Spine surgery
• Neuro surgery
• Ophthalmic surgery
• ENT surgery

image of a imaging position
Imaging position
With the operating table in the standard position and the 1400 mm carbon fibre plate attached at the seat spars, 360° imaging of the patient is possible. Ideal for pain management, vascular, pelvic and orthopaedic procedures.

image of a lithotomy position
Lithotomy position
With the attachment of stirrups and the removal of the operating table leg plates, the arcus 501/601 models can be set up for gynaegological and urological surgery in the lithotomy position.

image of a urology position
Urology position
A number of different types of stirrups can be used for Urology procedures. The built in fluid management tray can be moved into position from under the operating table and drained into a container or directly onto suction.

image of a abdominal position
Abdominal position
With the operating table in the standard position, the split leg sections can be utilized to allow the surgeon close access to the surgical site from between the patients legs.

image of a nephrectomy position
Nephrectomy position
As the operating table break is close to the column, a very low patient position can be achieved during flex of the table top. This in turn provides the surgeon with an ideal working height and removes the need for a platform.

image of a trauma position
Trauma position
With the attachment of the Orthopaedic/Trauma seat plate and relevant accessories, the arcus 501 model can be set up for traction surgery of the lower extremities.
Nailing of the femur, neck of femur and tibia can all be performed in the supine position.
image of a neuro position
Neuro position
With the operating table in the reverse position and the head plate replaced with a MAYFIELD® Skull Clamp system, Neuro surgery can be performed with excellent stability and unobstructed floor space for the surgeon access.

image of a shoulder position
Shoulder position
With the attachment of the Shoulder Arthroscopy plate and narrow headrest, the arcus 501 model can be set up for shoulder surgery. The sliding shoulder supports can be removed to allow access to the surgical site.

Link to the online Schaerer arcus operating table brochure for further details.