schaerer® MIS-Extension

schaerer® MIS-Extension

The schaerer® MIS-Extension is a flexible, easy to operate device for assisting in minimally invasive surgery, with the main focus on the hip. The device allows for the required positioning of the lower leg to enable access to the hip joints. During the procedure the operator can utilise the device with just one hand. Locking and unlocking in any position is simple and is performed just using the thumb. The schaerer® MIS-Extension is also ideal for hip arthroscopy.

Schaerer® MIS-Extension
Easy to operate
During the procedure the operator is able to adjust very accurately the required position of the leg with a one-hand operation only. All movements are controlled with the minimum of force required.

Easy positioning
The leg can be freely turned, distracted and locked in position under high pressure. The traction bar with foot support can be moved over an angular range of 180° in adduction and abduction direction, in the flexion plane over more than 50°.

Schaerer® MIS-extension
Optimum adjustment possibilities
The most important objective when developing the schaerer® MIS-Extension was to assure maximum adjustment possibilities. In addition the system provides the surgeon with an unobstructive view over the operating field.

Maximum accessibility
A further plus for the surgeon is the cantilevered support of the traction bar, which provides great advantages during the procedures as well as when working with the C-arm due to the fact that the schaerer® MIS-Extension has no floor support. The leg is completely free and accessible for the operating team from all sites.

schaerer® MIS-Extension
Manual handling friendly
The schaerer® MIS-Extension is transported on its own attachment trolley, this enables easy docking with the operating table without the need for lifting.

The schaerer® MIS-Extension has been designed for minimal invasive hip surgery, including arthroscopy. It can also be utilized for traumatological traction.

schaerer® MIS-Extension

Carbon fibre Seat Plate
The specially shaped seat plate is made of carbon fibre to enable unobstructed imaging with the image intensifier.
schaerer® MIS-Extension
Extension Shoe
Well padded extension shoes provide a firm hold with minimized pressure points.