Melyd Lithotomy Stirrups

image of a lithotomy stirrups
Application Fields
Ideal for use with procedures that require positioning and adjusting the leg, including:
• Gynecology
• Urology
• Colorectal
• Robotic
• General

Adjustable in All Directions
Easy and complete control of lithotomy and abduction, enhancing surgical access and vision field. Even during surgery, the clinical staff can easily reposition or adjust the legs within the sterile field.

Safe and Easy Adjustment
The pneumatic lift assist reduces the workload for staff and increases safety for all.

image of a lithotomy stirrups
Designed with the Leg in Mind
The boot shape is designed with protective wings to reduce the damage of the perineal nerve and prevent stretching of the groin and lumbar muscles by stopping the knee from falling out in high lithotomy.

The floating boot automatically reduces the pressure on the calf muscles when the stirrups are raised and lowered.

Patient weight capacity of 180 kg

Inclusive of Pads and EU or UK clamps

Open the Melyd Stirrup Leaflet for further details.